Temple Run

A Fortnight of Temple-Hopping in Bhutan

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Walk with us.

To a place of untold natural beauty.

A place where people live in the clouds. And where the state leader’s official title is “Dragon King.”

Actually, on second thought... don’t walk. It’s like 7,500 miles away. Uphill.

Anyway, get ready for Seven Skies Bhutan, a 13-day expedition involving mountainside temples, hot-air balloons and a whole lot of guys wearing robes, taking reservations now.

We know: you aced Bhutanese History 201. But a refresher never hurts before visiting isolated and mysterious countries, so review the following...

Forget any fear of heights. You’re deep in Himalayan mountain country here. Looking down is basically mandatory.

The best way to see things: hot-air balloon. So your guides will provide you with one, from which you’ll gaze upon the hundreds of mountainside temples—including a 400-year-old monastery called “The Tiger’s Nest” perched 10,000 feet above sea level on a granite cliff. (Trust us, you don’t want to take the stairs.)

Archery is their national sport. And somewhere between exploring 17th-century imperial fortresses and cycling across mountains, you’ll get a private training session with traditional Bhutanese archery experts.

Remember: you’re a cultural ambassador. Meaning it’s only polite that you check out their new five-star hotels—some of which come with a resident monk.

No word on the continental breakfast, though.

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