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The Quickest Way to Cure a Hangover

None In a few hours, you’ll find yourself in a world of flowing martinis, rum waterfalls and champagne skyscrapers known as “the weekend.”

And a few hours after that, you may find yourself in a world of hurt known as “the hangover.”


You know about LyteShow, an ultra-concentrated electrolyte concoction that’s proven to rehydrate your body in record time (translation: military-grade Gatorade), available now.

Yes, this is serious stuff. The kind of stuff you shouldn’t take without reading some instructions. Like these instructions...

INGREDIENTS: Sodium chloride: helps you retain water after retaining Negronis. Magnesium: it’s a detoxifying agent. Sorta like Sunday brunch. In mineral form. Potassium: as seen in bananas. Seawater: as seen in the ocean.

DIRECTIONS: First, go out and have yourself a night. Then, the next morning, pour a glass of water, add a few drops of this stuff and drink. Thirty minutes later: start feeling whole again. And start dealing with any consequences of last night that can’t be solved with science.

SUGGESTED USE: During a cocktail party or the morning after—obviously. But it’s been tested on wildfire firefighters, so it’s also a suitable recovery drink if you’re doing something physically exhausting.

Surely that happens every now and then.

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