If It Ain’t Smoke...

BBQ and Alcohol. Together.

Since you’ll be busy living, libertying and pursuing happiness Thursday, you may need to combine the vital Independence Day elements of drink and barbecue. Thus, the finest barbecue cocktails in the city. Drink them, or the king of England wins.

I Hear Banjos

I Hear Banjos

BBQ-iness: Apple pie moonshine and applewood smoke trapped by a second glass in a rye-based beverage.
The Secret: Leave the second glass on as long as you can stand it.
The Effect: It’s like inhaling a grill and then eating pie... only far more pleasant than literally doing that.

Improved Hit by a Car Number 2

Improved Hit by a Car Number 2

BBQ-iness: They’ll add Memphis BBQ bitters to this mezcal/tequila concoction if you ask nicely.
The Secret: One of the fellas behind Evelyn came up with it after getting hit by a car. Silver lining and all that.
The Effect: Off-menu Mexican smokiness.

Eight-Layer Dip

Eight-Layer Dip

BBQ-iness: It’s a vodka-and-tequila-based spicy Bloody Mary, with the Bloody blend doing the heavy ’cue lifting.
The Secret: The blend is made using the same dry rub they use on the actual barbecued meats.
The Effect: Think liquid ribs with a serrano pepper kick. The way ribs were meant to be experienced.

Hill Country, 30 W 26th St (between Broadway and 6th), 212-255-4544



BBQ-iness: A dash of BBQ bitters and smoked salt in your beer.
The Secret: This is the only place in town to get a full pint of barbecue cocktail at once.
The Effect: The most purely refreshing option. Like a michelada served from a smoker.

The Deckleback

The Deckleback

BBQ-iness: A bottle of Lone Star, chased with a hunk of award-winning brisket in a shot glass.
The Secret: You’re not actually meant to combine brisket and beer. But, you know, one small step for man...
The Effect: You going back for a full order of brisket.

BrisketTown, 359 Bedford Ave (between S 4th and S 5th), Brooklyn, 718-701-8909

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