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Filming Sharks and Shipwrecks in Micronesia

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Documentaries. You’re a fan.

Anything Ken Burns. March of the Penguins. That one about Paris Hilton and... wait, we’re being told that wasn’t actually a documentary...

Anyway: you should really make a documentary.

Here’s your chance. And bonus: a hot-tub-equipped yacht is involved.

Prepare to zoom in for Expedition Micronesia, where you’ll help produce and participate in a full-length documentary with some award-winning filmmakers, accepting adventurous philanthropists now.

The team behind this: some cinematic do-gooders, including Jacques Cousteau’s granddaughter and the cinematographer who filmed Planet Earth. Basically, they’re the Justice League of oceanography.

Their proposition to you: fly to Micronesia (it’s only 15 hours from LA) and help them film shark sanctuaries, dolphin families and World War II shipwrecks. You’ll also foot most of the production budget, but... consider it a tax-deductible vacation.

By day, you’ll hop from sea turtle nest to manatee hideout with local fishermen who navigate only by the sun and stars (so maybe don’t ask to steer). And by night, you’ll stay on a yacht, where you’ll have meals caught and prepared each day and drink cocktails in the on-deck hot tub.

Save that footage for the DVD extras. 


Expedition Micronesia
via Marine Conservation Expeditions


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