Flightlinez Venice Beach

Line, Please

The City’s First Zipline Comes to Venice

None It’s not that you’re above hitting the Venice Boardwalk every once in a while.

(Solid people watching, to say the least.)

It’s just that you’d rather be literally above the Venice Boardwalk.

Take heed of the airborne greatness happening at Flightlinez Venice Beach—yes, the city’s first zipline now exists right over one of our most famous landmarks, and it’s hoping to launch next week in time for the holiday weekend.

The appeal is pretty simple here. You spend a lot of your time on the ground. Sometimes it’s fun to... not do that. To work your way through the crowds, climb five stories above sea level wearing a complicated harness that’s alternately very flattering and very not flattering to certain parts of your body, and then just—jump.

There’s a ride about 30 seconds long waiting for you. You’ll hit around 30 mph, with pretty nice views of the beach on one side (sand, water, sunset) and the boardwalk (deltoids, scalp piercings, neon sunglasses) on the other.

Bring someone who likes long ziplines on the beach.


Flightlinez Venice Beach
1601 Ocean Front Walk
Venice Beach, CA, 90291

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