Diamonds in the Buff

One of Those Tastefully Nude Books

None Warning: the following story contains nudity. Reader discretion is advised.

Steal a glance at Diamonds & Pearls, a 208-page photographic journey filled with suspense, intrigue and... oh, who are we kidding. It’s a bunch of tastefully undressed and pouty-lipped vixens looking fancily nude and stuff, and it’s available now.

These images were originally part of a gallery show by acclaimed Belgian erotic photographer Marc Lagrange. You may know him as “that guy with the greatest job in the world.”

Anyway, he’s devoted a good portion of this life toward taking pictures that combine the look of old Hollywood glamour, the style of old master paintings and the bareness of European models who’re incredibly free with their bodies. And this is all of that. In book form.

So... carve out a nice spot for this. We’re thinking wherever you normally keep tomes about mysterious women prancing around an opulent mansion wearing nothing but stilettos and jewelry would be appropriate.

And hey, if you want to see the originals in person, they’re on display between now and July 4 in Amsterdam.

Apparently, they’re okay with nudity there.

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