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Having a Few Beers and Rolling a Few Frames

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Bowling. Burgers. Beers.

Good stuff. Goes nicely together. Starts with the letter B.

Uh, let’s see, what else...

Oh yeah, it’s all coming to this place.

Rent some funny shoes for Bowlounge, a retro bowl-a-rama that’s peddling cold pints and not-your-average-bowling-food food, slated to open next week in the Design District.

This story begins at an old, defunct bowling alley in Longview, TX. Mostly because there was a lot of maple and pinewood inside. And rather than let it just sit there, some guys tore it up, shipped it to Dallas and transformed a vacant warehouse into their own bowling alley. One with 12 lanes and a massive bar. Solid remodel.

So, drinking and bowling. Yup, here’s your place. Right in front is that bar. Seventy-five feet long. Forty taps. Can’t miss it. Grab a pitcher before heading toward the lanes, where you’ll find silver couches, wooden tables and waitresses who will bring you things to set on those wooden tables.

And down the road, the kitchen (oh yeah, there’s a kitchen) will start churning out a menu from Twisted Root’s Jason Boso. He’s known for making stuff like gourmet burgers and carnitas tacos.

And you’re known for eating them.


167 Turtle Creek Blvd
Dallas, TX, 75207


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