Sable Condition

Hanging with Wild Horses on Sable Island

Please turn your calendar to June.

Yes, we know your calendar is already on June and that nobody actually “turns” calendars anymore. Don’t be a wiseacre.

We’re talking about next June.

Because that’s when you’re spending a week with a bunch of feral ponies.

Yay, ponies...

Pack a bag for Sable Island 2014, an imaginatively named expedition to a remote Canadian land of wild horses, white sharks and... very few people. Like five people. Now booking for its inaugural voyage next year.

If your geographical knowledge of Nova Scotia is rusty, Sable Island is that barely inhabited 25-mile-long sandbar between Halifax and the center of nowhere. It’s famous for its untamed horses and being virtually impossible to get to. Until today. Well, a year from now.

That’s when you’ll be able to fly into Newfoundland, hop on an icebreaker, break through some ice and dock at the island. So do that if you like adventure or the majestic splendor of nature or vacations.

When you arrive: do as you please. Admire the horses. Hike. Take the entire island out for dinner (table of six, please). Whatever. Just stay out of the water. Because it’s freezing.

And the sharks will eat you.


Sable Island 2014
via Adventure Canada

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