Gol Oriented

Pizza by the Inch near Grand Central

Pizza fatigue may be setting in.

After a long winter of Neapolitan imports, 30k pizza ovens and hidden pizza/lounge hybrids, you're probably ready for a little sushi.

But wait just a second…

In the shadow of Grand Central Station in a small, modern little shop is a new pizza and gelato maker quietly pumping out classic thin crusts and some fresh ice cream for your Midtown snacking needs. Welcome to Golosi, open today and ready to cut you an inch.

Yes, we said an inch. Run by a young Sicilian pizza wunderkind named Francisco, you'll want to pop in to Golosi (glutton in Italian) when you're looking for a manageable treat—three inches should do—of a crispy (the flour is imported from Italy, and the dough is made with olive oil) skateboard-shaped pie. That means the next time you're not feeling like oysters at Grand Central, or if you need a fast bite before staring down a whiskey bender at Campbell Apartment, you'll have a sliver of prosciutto di Parma pizza coming your way.

Or maybe you'll be more into the curious hot dog-topped pie and 28 flavors of made-in-house gelato (the smart money is on the Nutella).

Just what you needed to take your mind off pizza.


125 Park Ave
(between 41st and 42nd) 
New York, NY 10017

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