Model Behavior

Ferraris and Sailboats. For Your Walls.

4 Photos Zeidy’s
None 4 Photos Zeidy’s
Dads. Seems they’ve got some big day coming up.

Naturally, you’re already prepared...

... to buy something in the next six days.

Well, hey, a Ferrari should do the trick.

Drop into Zeidy’s, a stately, father-friendly den filled with handsome collectible cars and boats, now open in Miami Beach.

A silver Mustang Saleen. Ferraris. Historic sailboats. The Titanic. These are the types of things that make up this place—in miniature, fits-next-to-your-cornhole-trophy size. Basically, it’s an oversized closet of gentlemanly curios primed for your next gift-giving occasion.

Which would happen to be this Sunday. So after you’ve done the lunch thing at the Forge, head next door to this place. There’s all manner of model cars and boats lining the wood-slat walls. Maybe pick up a palm-sized V-6 to commemorate that time your old man took you out and taught you the finer points of shifting into fifth. In tiptronic.

And if you’re looking to throw in a little something extra, they’ve got gold cufflinks, leather billfolds and, well, some really dapper neckties.

If it ain’t broke...


450 W 41st St
Miami Beach, FL, 33140


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