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A Hidden Bistro on the Edge of Chinatown

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Where Nob Hill meets Chinatown, there’s a corner.

It’s a special corner.

Not because there’s a sexy new bistro there with rivers of wine, mountains of truffle tagliatelle and just enough subtle charm to woo a first date into willful submission, but because...

Oh, fine. That’s exactly why it’s special. 

It’s called Mason Pacific, and it opens tomorrow for reasons specifically outlined above. 

This place errs on the small side. In a good way. In a “let’s get to know each other but not get too fussy about it” way. So once you’re in the mind-set that a casual evening surrounded by tufted taupe banquettes, white tablecloths and stems of vermentino is the right play, feel free to make your entrance.

Your instincts will tell you to start at the white marble bar in the front room. Follow them. Partly because they’ll lead you to beef tartare and a few Copain varietals on tap. Mostly because that’s just kind of a good place to start a date.

And when it’s time to graduate to one of those banquettes, do so knowing that there’s more than enough wild salmon served over grated cauliflower and buttermilk fried chicken with kimchi green beans to go around. And champagne. There’s enough champagne to go around, too.

We hear that’s a thing dates like to drink.

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