Natural Selection

Australia’s Natural Resources in Photos

None Wow. We’re surprised you’re reading this.

Because right now, there are some very beautiful, very nude women demanding your attention on the Internet.

No, trust us—this is different. See, this is art...

Meet 12 Natural Wonders, a photographic gallery/webshop/not-remotely-safe-for-work site intensely focused on the Australian female form, online now.

This all comes from one man, Paul Giggle. Whose name is actually Paul Giggle. He’s good at taking pictures. Vogue likes him. And for this project, he’s got some rules:

1) Use only natural light.
2) Photograph only Australia’s most precious natural resources.
3) At least one of those resources must be a female with clothing covering no more than 12% of her body, viciously alluring eyes and...

Ahem. Anyway, Mr. Giggle has placed 12 such pieces of portraiture online. Have a look. They’re all here. Georgina. Brittney. Michelle & Brooke (they’re kind of a package deal).

If you’d like to own one, he’ll sign it and send it to your home. Or if you’d like to own all of them, opt for the calendar, which features one for each month of 2013.

Hey, better late than never.

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