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A Little Beauty of an Ojai Getaway

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So, hey, long weekend coming up. Plans? Cool, yeah, sounds fun.

Anyway, just a thought—here’s a beautiful new retreat of shuffleboard, bicycles, sunlight and in-room jacuzzis in Ojai.

In case you’re into that kind of thing.

Welcome to the Ojai Rancho Inn, a bright, intimate new ode to the pursuit of doing absolutely nothing productive, now quietly open in... yes, Ojai.

First of all, you get your sunglasses, get your copilot and get on the road. A couple of solid playlists later and you’re in Ojai, where the wine flows like wine. Then you find this place—it’s sort of Ace-ish in that low-key, random, anything-goes-but-nobody’s-making-a-big-deal-about-it kind of way.

You want to sit around in your room and stare at the tree-trunk bedposts—sure. You want to grab a bike for a while—all yours. You feel like taking over a barbecue pit for the afternoon—not a problem. You want to hit the pool and move your pointer finger around in little circles in the water—go right ahead. You want a complimentary Palo Santo stick to cleanse your aura upon check-in—yep, that happens.

Oh, and one important note: they haven’t built the bar at this place yet, so we’d suggest making room in your bags for a couple bottles of the good stuff.

And one of the not-so-good stuff.


Ojai Rancho Inn
615 W Ojai Ave
Ojai, CA, 93023


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