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Light Nightclub vs. Daylight Beach Club

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Two clubs walk into a resort... not a joke. Actually the tale of Light and Daylight, the night-and-day dance operations opening at Mandalay Bay this week. And while one is merely the outdoor extension of the other, a little friendly competition between the two can’t hurt. So here’s the breakdown:

Light: 38,000 square feet of LED-driven, constantly changing psychedelia with suspended performers doing their thing above you at all times. It’s Vegas’s largest dance floor.
Daylight: 50,000 square feet of Ibiza-inspired poolery. Daybeds, cabanas, bungalows and a vine-covered stage where DJs you know will earn their paychecks.
Edge: Light. Something about “Vegas’s largest dance floor.”

Light: Two cocktails that ring in at $1,500 and $2,000, respectively—The City of Lights and My Cherry Amour. (Rare cognacs and champagnes are involved.)
Daylight: Think grapefruit-tequila and gin-cucumber-sake. Simple. Refreshing. The kinds of things you’d sip while sitting on the side of a pool.
Edge: Daylight. There’s a line. Light crossed it.

Light: Those suspended performers: they’re from Cirque du Soleil. Their performances will change every single night.
Daylight: A 4,400-square-foot pool with three wet decks. Never lounge on solid land.
Edge: Light, by a hair... on the inverted head of a flying Cirque contortionist.

Musical Sound
Light: Skrillex, Axwell, Alesso.
Daylight: Skrillex, Axwell, Alesso.
Edge: Push. Pretty much the definition of a push, actually.

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