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Five Places to Host a Barbecue

This summer, you could host a big barbecue at your place. Invite friends. Dig a barbecue pit. Round up a couple of pigs. But that’s a lot of work. So we figured we’d show you a few spots that will take care of all the details for you. Happy saucing.

A Barbecue Place with a Great Wine List

A Barbecue Place with a Great Wine List

You require: Something tasteful. Refined. Elegant. Oh, and some pork.
You’ll receive: Your choice of two private dining rooms. A pretty serious wine list. Whole pork shoulder. And since a Kobe brisket never hurts when you’re trying to get a party started, you can have that, too.

Chicago q, 1160 N Dearborn St, 312-642-1160

A Joint That Does Pizza with Your ’Cue

A Joint That Does Pizza with Your ’Cue

You require: Some pizza to go with your barbecue.
You’ll receive: The entire upstairs to yourself, room enough for 70. Your own bartender. Access to the fiery, jalapeño-studded pizza named Painful, plus some ribs or barbecue pork sliders. Just to keep your diet balanced.

A Place with Whole-Animal Cookouts

A Place with Whole-Animal Cookouts

You require: Just a whole alligator.
You’ll receive: A whole effin’ alligator. Well, you can get a whole pig, boar, lamb or goat, too. But... man. Alligator. Bonus: the private upstairs room has a DJ booth, 11 flat-screens and leather seats. If you’re going to eat an alligator, do it in style.

Frontier, 1072 N Milwaukee Ave, 773-772-4322

A Glorious, Smoke-Scented Patio

A Glorious, Smoke-Scented Patio

You require: A really good Bloody Mary.
You’ll receive: A semiprivate group barbecue brunch in the sunny new annex, where anything from a whole pig to a full make-your-own-Bloody-Mary bar can be yours for the asking. Well, we suppose you have to pay for it, too.

Not available Memorial Day weekend, The Smoke Daddy, 1804 W Division St, 773-772-6656

Your Next Barbecue Lunch Meeting

Your Next Barbecue Lunch Meeting

You require: A place to work. Ribs.
You’ll receive: A country-western-themed realm filled with eclectic, folksy artwork and the wafting smell of prizewinning pork shoulder. You can rent the dining room for a luncheon, which is perfect for that critical shareholders’ meeting in need of a whole roasting hog to set the mood.

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