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Dining and Drinking in an Old Library

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The death of old media has its drawbacks, to be sure.

But when all those shiny new Kindles begin their inevitable fade to black, don't look for them to suddenly start serving the perfect roast chicken. An old library, however, is full of surprises.

Introducing Branch 27, opening Wednesday in West Town, perhaps the best sequel the Chicago Public Library ever offered.

With its new warm, sepia-toned vibe, the brawny brick-framed 27th Ward Library building is now the kind of place you and a few buddies can gather, pre-United Center, for a quick burger and beer in a leather booth near the front bar. (The craft brew list is long, but you won't need the Dewey Decimal System to find an ice cold Red Seal.)

Of course, you can also show up here with friends or a date on any random night, head back to the airy main dining room (complete with a pitched glass ceiling) and curl up with a flatiron steak, some crispy flatbread pizza or a white cheddar grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with oven-roasted tomatoes.

You don't even have to keep your voices down.


Branch 27
1371 W. Chicago Ave
(E. of Noble)
West Town
Chicago, IL, 60622


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