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Your Midnight Meatball Hookup

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In the mid-1990s, the good times looked like they’d never end.

Oprah ruled the city with a velvet glove from a penthouse in Water Tower Place.

The Bulls were unstoppable.

But most of all, meatballs were plentiful.

Well, happy days are here again. At least on the meatball front.

Hail the triumphant return of Centro, a bold reincarnation of a boisterous Well Street Italian joint, this time at Hubbard and State, opening Monday.

It’s from the Rosebud folks, who have lassoed Joe Farina back into the family to do that special thing he does with his nanna’s meatballs (mainly, make them). Yeah, it’s all very Michael Corleone.

Speaking of which: there’s kind of a Godfather thing going on in the decor—which explains the big Marlon Brando painting. The white tablecloths, farmhouse wood and tall ceilings are explained by good taste.

When you just need a simple night of homemade Italian food, with Nanna’s gravy poured over your rigatoni gigante, you can’t go wrong here. Better yet, if you’re heading home after a busy night in River North and just want a place for spaghetti and meatballs at 1am, you’ll find a hearty, saucy welcome.

And, gee, would you look at that: a three-pound T-bone and a lobster tail de Jonghe. So bring some out-of-town clients you’d like to overindulge.

Or see if Scottie Pippen’s around.


6 W Hubbard St
(at State)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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