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Some Culture at CAA (Really)

They say a picture's worth a thousand words—and that's before the studio demands a rewrite.

Introducing a strangely fascinating den of LA culture in the unlikeliest of places—the shadows of CAA—where the figure you're ogling on the wall might also be standing beside you, ogling herself between meetings upstairs. The Annenberg Space for Photography opens Friday.

You can find the city's first photography museum behind the soaring glass lobby of the quaint, demure Death Star, and out near the bustling, well-tailored patch of incongruous grass beyond. (We hear seeing green keeps the agents motivated.)

The building's interior design is inspired by a camera, so you'll enter in a curlicue pattern as if you were a roll of film, and the ceiling of the silver core looks like an aperture pointed down toward…you. (Rightfully so.)

Along the way, you'll find some impressive 21st-century touches like the iPhone-ish Microsoft Surface tables that let you use hand movements to expand, twist and zoom in on crystal-clear digital images. (No word on an app store…yet.)

The inaugural exhibit, L8S ANG3LES, gets to the heart of what makes LA…LA…with an engaging mix of half-nude starlets, fire-torn riots, sexual ambiguity, privileged three-year-olds lolling about in Barneys, and stark shots of some legendary mid-century properties...

That, too, will keep the agents motivated…


The Annenberg Space for Photography
2000 Avenue of the Stars
(in Century Plaza)
Century City
Los Angeles, CA 90067

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