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Adding Firepower to Your Work Week

UrbanDaddy - Shotgun Shell Cufflinks by Ron Dotson In the last few months, you've survived a bloodbath or two. That much is certain.

And as long as you can keep dodging bullets, you might as well turn them into attention-grabbing pieces of flair—like the one-of-a-kind Shotgun Shell Cufflinks by Ron Dotson, now available at Brick & Mortar.

Say you're about to close a cutthroat deal, and you're not afraid of a few subconscious intimidation tactics. In the glass case at the center of B&M, you'll find modified Winchester shells with surprising potential to polish off your power suit in a way that tells everyone around the conference table—with just a carefree wave of the hand—that you're polished, put-together… and probably not to be messed with.

Of course, they also work if you're a make-clothes-not-war pacifist that's just really into recycling.

Dotson's accessories have been in the shop for a while, but these cufflinks represent his first foray into actual artillery. And if you're gift-shopping for weapon-related jewelry for her (you're thoughtful like that), Dotson is historically not opposed to the occasional dagger necklace or handcuff earrings…

And you've never been opposed to handcuffs…


Shotgun Shell Cufflinks
at Brick & Mortar
8713 Santa Monica Blvd
(W. of Westbourne)
West Hollywood
West Hollywood, CA, 90069

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