Cinema Paradiso

Screen Gem

Your New Al Fresco Movie Night

It's time you upped the ante on the Friday night movie.

Stadium seating holds a certain appeal, but watching a blockbuster from the comforts of a pool cabana is just so much more… Miami.

Introducing Cinema Paradiso at the Acqualina Resort, a Friday night soiree that pairs two of your favorite activities—watching movies and lounging poolside.

To start, you'll want to make your way to the backyard pool patio of the swanky oceanfront resort in Sunny Isles. There you'll find a giant inflatable screen at the foot of the tiered pool deck, within comfortable viewing distance of your chaise lounge and the bar, which is fully stocked and eager to scare up a few pitchers of caipirinhas. (A far cry from last week's 64 ounces of Fanta…)

Of course, the screenings (classics like An Affair to Remember and Top Gun) also happen to coincide with a weekend barbecue night, which means you'll feast on grilled succulence like lobster tail and steak along with down-home sides like corn on the cob. If you're not up for a full meal, nosh on snacks like meatball sliders and crab cakes (you're dead to us, Milk Duds).

And should the mood strike you, you and your date are welcome to strip down to your suits and actually watch the film while in the pool.

Or you can save that for later…


Cinema Paradiso
at Acqualina Resort
17875 Collins Ave
(N. of 178th)
Sunny Isles
Sunny Isles, FL, 33160

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