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A Basement Taco Party in Lincoln Park

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Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. It was a real holiday.

Today is Seis de Mayo. It is not.

Good thing your fiesta instincts aren’t governed by a calendar.

Because this place is here: Bodega, which has the feel of a basement party filled with pork-belly tacos, margaritas and carne asada french fries, now open in Lincoln Park.

If you remember the Twisted Lizard, you won’t notice dramatic changes right away (other than the huge sign above the door). The layout remains, as do the tables, the chairs, the boisterous energy and a lot of random artwork on the walls. So far, not too big of a deal.

Then you’ll order a drink. You could go the traditional margarita route—made with fresh-squeezed lime—but there’s a Horchata Ball, made with horchata-flavored rum and Fireball whiskey. Yes, you’re in a new world.

In this weather, you’ll probably take a seat on the patio for an easy dinner. The pork belly is served with kimchi and sriracha aioli. The duck-confit taco is topped with apricot jam. The veggie taco is diced potatoes topped with a fried quail egg.

But when that strange desire for a spring roll hits you, you’ll soon be knee-deep in Mexican Spring Rolls: deep-fried rolls stuffed with beef, chorizo, cheese and poblano peppers.

Or at least face-deep.


1964 N Sheffield Ave
(at Armitage)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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