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A Long-Weekend-Worthy Retreat in Naples

3 Photos Club Level Suites at the Inn on Fifth
None 3 Photos Club Level Suites at the Inn on Fifth
Memorial Day is a thing that is soon.

Related: here are a few simple facts about Memorial Day.

A. All of Miami heads south every year for it.

B. You’re not a follower.

So while the rest of the city zigs for the three-day weekend, you should consider zagging...

... right into a rooftop jacuzzi.

Chart a course for the Club Level Suites at the Inn on Fifth, a set of lavish suites (with an even lavisher roof) that are kind of perfect for a lost/long weekend, now open in Naples.

Listen, the last thing you want to do is go to the Inn on Fifth. Because then you’d be in the wrong place. These suites (32 to be exact) are actually located in a brand-new building across the street. A building with private balconies, a lounge bar (of the open variety) and a rooftop sundeck with a whirlpool spa. It’s a good building.

What you’ll do: make a reservation. What they’ll do: give you a room with big windows overlooking downtown and a private elevator to that rooftop deck. Also, a Cadillac Escalade. Driver included. He’ll take you anywhere. So think big. Or think going out for burgers.

And a quick note about breakfast in the morning. Order room service. Specifically, order the corned-beef hash. It’s from the Irish pub downstairs.

Oh, we almost forgot, there’s an Irish pub downstairs.


Club Level Suites at the Inn on Fifth
699 5th Ave S
Naples, FL, 34102


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