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Waffle Sandwiches in the West Loop

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The smell of spring is in the air. And... gee, that’s strange.

It smells like waffles.

Belgian waffles, to be exact. Belgian waffles from Liege, to be even more exact. Chocolate Belgian waffles with Nutella from Liege, to be really, really exact.

Oh, wait. Apparently, that’s not spring. It’s this place: Wâfel, a new house of waffle sandwiches, opening tomorrow in the West Loop.

We know: you don’t want to be dragged into that great rivalry between the traditional puffy, airy Brussels-style waffle and its sweet Liege cousin, with its little pearls of sugar impregnated in the batter. Don’t worry. They have both kinds here. Your waffle neutrality is preserved.

This is basically a simple quick-serve spot from the New Line Tavern folks down the street, and it’s perfect for fast breakfasts you can eat with one hand. Order a coffee (they’re using the same micro-roaster that Grace and Acadia use) and a sweet cinnamon Liege waffle with a blackberry jam. Just fold and eat.

And when it comes to your lunch, you’re in savory-waffle territory. Their waffle sandwiches contain everything from serrano ham and prime rib to buttermilk-battered fried chicken. Or in the case of The Elvis, thick slabs of bacon, fresh bananas, peanut butter and honey.

Elvis. Great performer, even better sandwich.

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