Enter the Dragon

A Portable Heat Cannon for Your Grill

You’re almost ready.

None The apron: fresh from the cleaners.

The steaks: been aging since Christmas.

The grill: just drove it off the dealer’s lot.

Now, about getting that roaring fire started...

Or rather, about using technology to get that roaring fire started...

Say hello to the BBQ Dragon, a portable grill-starting device that turns a smoldering pile of charcoal into a hellfire of meat-searing glory in under 10 minutes, available for preorder now.

If you’ve ever suffered an existential meltdown due to your grill’s failure to reach proper flame-broiling temperatures... well, maybe get that checked out. But more importantly, get this: a portable, scientifically calibrated charcoal grill fan. It’s pretty much like giving your fire steroids. Or just the right amount of oxygen. Same thing, really.

You’ll start, as usual, with a pyramid of briquettes. Add the lighter fluid. Add the match. Now, clamp this thing to the side of your grill, aim it toward that barely flaming pyramid and power it on. It’ll begin emitting cool air—not too much, not too little—nourishing your flames to their maximum cheeseburger-charring potential faster than you can choose between American and cheddar. (Even if “both” is the obvious choice.)

The tailgating potential here: huge. So you’ll be glad to know it’s wireless. It runs on AA batteries, or you can recharge it using just about any phone charger.

Phone chargers. Is there anything they can’t do...

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