Oasis at the Sense Beach House

Perfect Sense

There’s a Pool on Top of This Hotel

Happy Earth Day.

We couldn’t remember if this was one of those gift-giving holidays, so we just went ahead and got you something anyway.

We didn’t wrap it, though... because it’s a new rooftop pool... and those are really hard to wrap.

Make room in your life for Oasis at the Sense Beach House, SoBe’s latest hotel rooftop lounge and the kind of place you’ll want to spend the majority of your summer, now open.

So, guess what’s on top of the Sense Beach House: yup, a pool. Or, if we’re being specific, a plunge pool that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Also, plush white towels, private-wall-ensconced beige lounge chairs and you—even if you’re not a paying hotel guest.

Yeah, the only prerequisite you need to spend an afternoon here with a blood orange margarita is some sun. No room key required. Just show up, stop at the Local House restaurant downstairs, grab an order of ahi tuna tacos and take them to the roof.

Then, relax. You’ll have your drink. You’ll have your tacos. You’ll have your chaise positioned in just a way so it gets the ideal mix of sun and ocean breeze.

Nobody angles a chaise better.


Oasis at the Sense Beach House
400 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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