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Like Craigslist, with Better Maps

UrbanDaddy - My Apartment Map Around this time of year, it's only natural to start wondering if you could maybe do a bit better for yourself…

In terms of where you live. (Why, what did you think?)

And while we're not ready to volunteer to help you move your couch across town, we can nudge you toward a website that'll help make your search for a new place a heck of a lot easier—say hello to MyApartmentMap.com.

Think of MyApartmentMap as Craigslist, if Craig had bothered to take a class or two in website design. Infinitely more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly than Craigers, MyApartmentMap is essentially just one big apartment search engine (it pulls listings off other sites), but with the huge bonus of offering the latest mapping technology—making your quest for the perfect two-story loft with bay views (and room for your trampoline) at the very least bearable, and at most…fun?

Simply enter in your preferences (rent, bedrooms, pets), select your neighborhood (there are 14 for Miami) and it'll shoot out all your potentials in a list and a Google map. If you see one that you like, click on Street Images, and you'll get a fully rotatable, street-level image of the listing—so you can instantly size up the neighborhood and see if it's somewhere you could see yourself living.

Sadly, there's no pool cam. Yet.

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