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You’re surely familiar with myriad American cultural giants associated with the land to our west, Oak Park.

Ernest Hemingway.

Frank Lloyd Wright.

Betty White. (Okay, so we looked that one up.)

Now let’s talk about its non-American cultural giants. One just set up shop in Chicago.

Meet New Rebozo, a Chicago incarnation of the beloved suburban mole mecca, now open in the Gold Coast.

This occupies a tiny garden-level spot that recently belonged to another Mexican joint, Cantina 46. It’s still pretty tiny, but it’s been revived with sleek new furniture, bright-red walls and a tasteful amount of Frida Kahlo artwork. Amazing what a little Kahlo can do to a place.

There’s a pretty handy little front patio just rearing to host your next after-work margarita party. Or if the weather’s bad, just grab a stool at that diminutive six-person bar.

But mostly, remember this place for cozy little dates. There’s a whitewashed fireplace lit with white candles instead of logs. A silver shaker full of margarita (it’s conveniently big enough for two, mixed tableside). And some of the best pumpkin-seed mole, pollo encacahuatado (chicken with roasted chile de árbol and peanuts) and tacos chetumal (steak tacos with bacon) you’ve had in a long time.

No one knows how to make good pollo encacahuatado anymore.


New Rebozo
46 E Superior St
(between Wabash and Rush)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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