Auténtico 5 de Mayo

Gimme Five

A 24-Hour Mexican-American Diner

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Classic dilemma: lobster or steak.

Solution: surf and turf.

Classic dilemma: jeans or shorts.

Solution: jorts.

Classic dilemma: 4am chorizo burrito or 4am banana pancakes.

Solution: Auténtico 5 de Mayo, a 24-hour Mexican-American diner, now soft-open in Lakeview.

So, yes: consider yourself released from the tyranny of that most Sophie’s Choice of all post-club, pre-sleep breakfast decisions—going to a taco joint or going to a diner. Because this is both.

We’re not talking fusion here. We’re talking peaceful coexistence. There is cinnamon-apple french toast. And then there is chicken breast with chipotle. There is ketchup on the table. And then there is mole on the menu. True, occasionally, you find a breakfast burrito blurring the lines, but we trust you’re okay with that. Speaking of exceptions, they’ve also thrown in some French crepes, waffles and cheese-stuffed orange suzette blintzes for fun.

Now, if you like your Mexican restaurants to be more singularly focused, pay attention to the non-breakfast part of the menu. It’s pretty much a complete run-through of south-of-the-border classics: tacos, enchiladas and chilaquiles.

And we think you’ll like the vibe. For a diner, there are nice touches like white tablecloths and glass chandeliers. Among the Mexican folk art: a depiction of tequila-making.

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Auténtico 5 de Mayo
3223 N Clark St
(between School and Belmont)
Chicago, IL, 60657


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