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The City’s First Sri Lankan Restaurant Cometh

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We hear Sri Lanka’s nice this time of year.

Which reminds us... new Sri Lankan restaurant.

Fine, we’ll go on.

Say hello in your best Sinhalese accent to 1601 Bar & Kitchen, a casual little bistro-meets-café dishing out all manner of mulligatawny soup, egg hoppers and other fantastical foodstuffs, slated to open Monday in SoMa.

Don’t get all dressed up. Don’t bring a date. Don’t... do anything like that. Just work up an appetite for braised sturgeon with black curry, get in your car and do what you know to be right.

When you walk in, you’ll need to make some decisions. There’s a big communal table right up front. That’s your spot if you’ve brought the rest of the office in for happy hour. One of four wines on tap and some halibut ceviche for the table sounds about right.

Or maybe you’re alone. Maybe pulling up a metal café stool in front of that walnut bar and eating a coriander seared bavette steak makes more sense. You can do that too, you know. And you just might, dammit.

But go check out the back part of the restaurant. It’s lighter in there. Loftier. Whitewashed rafters and shiny marble tables. That kind of thing. So hey, maybe a date wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

How Sri Lankan of you.


1601 Bar & Kitchen
1601 Howard St
(at 12th)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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