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A Den of Hash on Western Avenue

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We’re going to talk about tomorrow’s breakfast. Specifically, yours.

We’re afraid it may be dangerously low on bacon fat. Not to mention bacon.

Therefore, know that Hash, a postcard-sized breakfast-and-lunch charmer, is now open in Ukrainian Village to ensure you get your weekend pork allowance.

You’re familiar with hash, your basic sizzling skillet of potatoes and... just anything you’d like. Here, a typical version is egg-topped fried potatoes, but you can also get an India-inflected chickpea version or a Polish pork sausage (called kabanos) version. It’s not the International House of Hash, but it’s a nice start.

Order at the counter and then find a seat. When you’re half-lidded on Sunday morning, remember these words: bubble and squeak. This is a British favorite served heavy with pork shoulder, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts. And you’ll probably want yours with bacon-fat-larded hash. Because, well, they offer that.

You can come here for an easy lunch, too. There are only eight tables, and the vibe is gentle and relaxed—a very 1970s afternoon feel—sort of like if Stevie Nicks’s shawl opened its own diner. Settle in with a Pig Roast sandwich (pork shoulder, bacon, swiss and apple... served with a side of hash, of course) while an old hi-fi plays vintage Springsteen on vinyl.

You may need to flip the record, however.


1357 N Western Ave
(at Hirsch)
Chicago, IL, 60622


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