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Up ahead, there it is:

The pivotal fork in the road. Everything depends on which way you go.

Wait. No. Sorry. Everything actually depends on whether or not you’ve rented some amazing vintage car for the trip. Drive it wherever the hell you want, fork or no fork.

Floor the gas pedal for Club Sportiva, a new country club that happens to house a world-class fleet of exotic cars you can rent for road trips, accepting members now in Marina del Rey.

So first of all, you could go here and just sit around doing country-club-type things. Check out the views from the rooftop cigar deck. Watch hoops in the game room. Shoot pool. Pour out a little whiskey. None of these things sounds exactly excruciating.

But the real reason you’d visit: the cars. Specifically, a massive garage lined with rows of impossibly beautiful vehicles. The Ferrari 458 Italia. The Bentley Continental GTC. They’re all available to rent (and no, you don’t need to be a member). Just swing by, peruse the lot, stroke your chin thoughtfully and ask for the keys to whatever looks the fastest.

The In-N-Out drive-through demands nothing less.


Club Sportiva
13469 Beach Ave
Marina del Rey, CA, 90292


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