ND's Fuego

En Fuego

Vegas' First Salsa Megaclub

There's a certain calming reliability to Vegas.
The baccarat pit is the baccarat pit, the pool scene is the pool scene, and all the champagne rooms provide the same glorious… view.  
So when a 1,000-capacity salsa-dancing club, helmed by a Cuban-loving megarich German woman, blows its doors open, well, we're listening. Welcome to ND's Fuego, the first salsa club in Las Vegas, shaking its ass into existence at the Rio.
Famous for being jailed in Cuba for standing up for her dancers' rights, ND is the type of nightlife impresario who's not afraid of a little spectacle. What that means for you is that your next Vegas jaunt may get a little Latin and a little steamy—sort of like Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights with all the Vegas trimmings.

Go in there looking to soak it all in and you may find yourself on the circular dance floor with most of the off-duty dancers and performers from other shows around town (the holy grail of Vegas dance floor scenes). You may also find a cast of 30 performers spontaneously performing flamenco numbers on a raised stage.
And, of course, all the regular megaclub trappings—like gonzo LED lights and purple snakeskin leather VIP booths—are in place.
Because even if it feels like Havana, Vegas is Vegas…


ND's Fuego
at the Rio
3700 W. Flamingo Rd
West of Strip
Las Vegas, NV, 89103

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