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Four Ways to Use the Sirtaj Hotel

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A couple blocks from Rodeo Drive, you’ll find an intimate new hideout stocked with tequila, hanger steak, a serene garden and a few dozen beds. It’s called the Sirtaj Hotel, it’s now open, and here are four ways it could prove useful. (Hint: we just mentioned them all.)

1. Tequila.
When you’re doing covert drinks, hit the small, undiscovered lobby lounge. It’s got a teal-and-orange-heavy Indian vibe. Also, it’s got Sage Palomas (tequila, grapefruit, sage). Order those.

2. Hanger steak.
Say you got fitted for a new suit at Tom Ford, and standing around bleeding money has left you ravenous. Say you just need some hanger steak grilled in beer by the former Beer Belly chef. Enter p.s. beverly hills, the in-house restaurant. And by “restaurant,” they mean those same few tables in the lobby lounge.

3. A serene garden.
If you’d rather do your tequila and/or steak near a gently burbling alfresco fountain, go through to the back. Have a seat in the little enclosed yard. Listen to birds chirp about glamour and privilege. Etc.

4. A few dozen beds.
If you’ve found yourself in a get-a-room scenario, know that your morning after will be pretty pleasant. Wi-fi is free, so you can email work to let them know you’re running a little late. Room service breakfast is on the house, too.

Suddenly you’re... running a little later.


Sirtaj Hotel
120 S Reeves Dr
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212


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