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A Private Rooftop Garden in the Design District

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This just in...

The Heat are good at basketball.

They might win a championship again this year.

Hell, they might not lose again this year.

Which, if either of those things happens, you’re going to need a place to celebrate.

Three words: massive rooftop terrace.

And 154 more words: behold The Rooftop Garden, a self-explanatory private event space that just might be the best place in town to throw a party, now open in the Design District.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There, now we’ve given you seven occasions when it might be nice to host a party on this vine-covered, 5,000-square-foot roof. Just pick one (or wait until right after the NBA finals) and make a reservation.

Then, when the night arrives, you’ll slip through a private entrance, climb some private stairs and take in your private Garden of Eden. There’ll be a maze of Jamaican spicewood hedges. There’ll be a bunch of mammoth mahogany trees. There’ll be... a bar. Or bars. Plural.

See, the whole spot is yours to customize. Bring a tiki hut. Bring a DJ booth. Bring the Miami Sound Machine. It’s basically a great big blank canvas up there.

Just, you know, with trees.


The Rooftop Garden
175 NE 40th St
Miami, FL, 33137


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