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Just a Little Rappelling. Onto a Ski Slope.

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Someone wants to tie you up in ropes and dangle you over a cliff.

Don’t worry, though... it’s just skiing.

Strap yourself into something and get ready for the Madd Dogg Heli Rappel, a brand-new backcountry tour where you’ll rappel down frozen cliffs onto Silverton Mountain’s steepest slopes and then ski the hell out them, taking reservations now.

Your mission: deflowering four of Silverton’s newest runs. The kind that, for some weird and wonderful reason, you can’t chairlift or snowmobile up to. Your solution: a helicopter ride, a harness and lots of rope.

After a crash course in rappelling with your guide, you’ll be deposited via helicopter onto the jagged edge of a particularly treacherous peak. Look up. Those are circling vultures. Look down. That’s a hundred feet worth of steep, rocky chutes. That’s also your cue to secure your ropes and lower yourself onto the giant field of untouched snow below.

Once your skis touch down on solid/powdery ground, you’ll have four different options for navigating your way down. Up to and including a little run called Madd Dogg—an impossibly narrow, 2,700-foot-long couloir that also happens to be the steepest run on the mountain.

So probably pick that one.


Madd Dogg Heli Rappel
at Silverton Mountain
6226 County Rd 110
Silverton, CO, 81433


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