Bunny Yeager Studio


Bunny Yeager’s Wynwood Pinup Studio

None Art. It’s pretty subjective stuff.

Unless you’re looking at a partially nude woman walking some cheetahs.

Then, you’re looking at a “partially nude woman walking some cheetahs.”

Also, you’re probably at the Bunny Yeager Studio, a gallery and workshop dedicated to preserving classic pinups... and creating some new ones, grand-opening tomorrow in Wynwood.

So, Bunny Yeager. She’s the legendary pinup photographer who built a career taking sultry shots of starlets like Bettie Page and Ursula Andress. And now, she’s opening a place to hang all of those shots in Wynwood. Thanks, Bunny.

The space: 5,000 square feet of the female form at its finest. You know, suggestively posing in negligees. Frolicking on the beach. Walking wild animals while in the buff. Real highbrow stuff. Real date-appropriate stuff.

You can come here to browse. You can come here to shop (Bunny’s got coffee-table books filled with her greatest hits). Or you can come here to create some pinup magic of your own. See, Bunny is making her studio available for private shoots. All you need to do is ask.

And look good in a zebra-print two-piece.


Bunny Yeager Studio
541 NW 27th St
Miami, FL, 33127

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