Cognac Lounge

Cognac the Magnificent

A Room Full of Cognac at Caesars

None Get your snifter-swishing game on point.

Call your monogrammed-slipper guy.

And summon the triplets.

You’re about to drink some ridiculously rare cognac.

Hold a monocle to your eye and behold Cognac Lounge at Restaurant Guy Savoy, a sexy sub-den of drink dedicated to brandy’s Frenchest variety, now open at Caesars.

So, cognac. Le digestif suprême. The kind of thing that comes in crystal decanters forged at the behest of Napoleon by guys who spent their youth in Parisian decanter-blowing schools... probably. This slick little room is entirely about that. Hopefully you’re a fan.

What you want to do is enter Guy Savoy, stop at the front desk and go left. There’ll be an in-wall fireplace. There’ll be some comfy lounge chairs by it. You take one. Your date takes one. You both share some dessert. You pair that dessert with a cognac old enough to be your grandfather’s grandfather...

Like the $600 and 140-year-old Hardy Perfection. Or... something a little less lavish. The menu’s full of rare, constantly rotating cognacs. Finish a decanter of any, and you get to keep it.

No, that’s not a dare.


Cognac Lounge
at Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109


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