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Spicy Cookies and Ricotta Pop-Tarts in Edgewater

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You’re probably thinking about the weather right now.

You’re probably not thinking about ricotta-and-rhubarb-filled pop-tarts.

Let’s get your priorities straight.

Meet Sauce and Bread Kitchen. It opens Saturday as a low-key brunch-and-lunch café, while also hosting tonight’s Stew Supper Club dinner party (and yes, you can still get in).

Stew Supper Club has been around for a while. Tonight’s inspiration: Basque-style cooking. You know the drill. Make reservations online, show up with a bottle of your favorite Basque wine (you have a soft spot for txakolina), and go to town on some banderillas, grilled squid and roast chicken.

But the owners figured that since they had this space, a talented baker and some very spicy mole cookies—not to mention some housemade pop-tart thingies stuffed with ricotta and rhubarb preserves—weekend brunch was doable.

It’ll be pretty casual. Order off the funky chalkboard at the counter. Start with housemade bread at what they call the “bread bar” and pick the kind of spread you’d like on it—pimento, whipped feta, maple butter, etc.

Ultimately, you’ll take your food-fetishist friends here for exotic treats like koshary, an Egyptian-inspired noodle dish. But you can also grab a giant spicy turkey sandwich with guajillo sauce and bacon they make themselves.

Well, okay, a pig helped.


Sauce and Bread Kitchen
6338-40 N Clark St
(between Highland and Devon)
Chicago, IL, 60660


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