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Cruising the Mediterranean via Hot Tub

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Here’s the thing about Turkish yachts.

They... aren’t really a thing at all.

Turkish coffee. Turkish baths. Turkish oil wrestling. (Yep, it’s the national sport.)

But not a single Turkish yacht.

Oh, there it is:

Give a warm merhaba to Motif, a new 108-foot piece of well-appointed yachtiness set to become the Republic of Turkey’s greatest (buoyant) national treasure, taking reservations now for its maiden voyage in May.

Nautically speaking, you’d call this vessel a gulet. But after a week of island hopping and cannonballing into the Mediterranean from the topsail, you’ll probably just call it “that ship we spent a week on, island hopping and cannonballing into the Mediterranean from the topsail.” It just rolls off the tongue better.

Now, your first instinct will be to inspect the cabins—all outfitted with the polished mahogany trappings you’d find in Steve Zissou’s retirement schooner. But fix your gaze on the master suite. Yeah, way in the back. With the ocean-view windows acting as your headboard. Claim it as your captain’s quarters. Start penning a ship’s log. And then, get the hell outside.

Because you’ve got fish to catch. Kayaks to paddle. Snorkels to... um, don. Not to mention plotting your course from one beautifully unpronounceable island village to the next.

Oh. We almost forgot. That giant hot tub built into the main deck: it fits up to 10 people.

Or two extremely happy people.

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