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IV Drips on the Delano Roof

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Last night went well.

Maybe a little too well, actually.

(Nobody needed that third box of liqueur-filled truffles.)

So today, let’s get you right/hooked up to an IV drip on the Delano’s roof...

Welcome to the Club Essentia Wellness Retreat, an airy rooftop spa for massages, hot stones and the definitive hangover fix, now open in the Delano South Beach.

Agua. The Delano’s old retreat. It’s... no more. In its place: a new indoor/outdoor spa with white-curtained rooms, white Italian glass chandeliers and teak chaise lounges overlooking the ocean. Great spot for a massage. Or a minimally invasive medical procedure.

See, in addition to things like facials, deep-tissue work and hyperbaric oxygen treatments, they do IV drips here. The kind administered by an on-staff practicing physician. You tell him what ails you. He hooks you up to the proper bag. There are ones for dry skin and low energy and long nights out in SoBe and orgasms...

Yup, they’ve got an IV that apparently enhances orgasms. The ingredients: B12, nitric oxide and something called “liquid libido.” The catch: it wears off after three hours.

Good thing you’re already in a hotel.

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