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A Mansion in the Middle of the Serengeti

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We’re gonna need your help on this one.

Sit Indian-style. Loosen up your vocal cords. Take a deep breath.

And belt out the loudest, most exuberant rendition of “Circle of Life” that you can muster... while also booking the next flight to Tanzania.

Because you’re headed for the Singita Serengeti House, a four-suited African château of palatial good living sitting on 350,000 acres of prime Serengeti National Park real estate and now open to the world.

To paraphrase a famous James Earl Jones–voiced lion: “Everything the light touches is your kingdom.” In your front yard: the local elephant watering hole. In the back: your own 82-foot, deck-chaired watering hole (aka a giant pool). Beyond that: a never-ending nature documentary (aka reality).

Then there’s your humble abode. The outdoor showers in every bedroom. The in-house chef. The savanna-side patios just waiting to grace the covers of National Geographic and Better Homes and Gardens at the same time.

But even if this is the only real house in the entire Serengeti, you’re not here to lounge inside. Not with that jeep gassed up in the driveway. Not with a Discovery Channel’s worth of wildlife outside your bedroom.

Actually, maybe make sure the dead bolt works first.


Singita Serengeti House
by Singita Game Reserves
Grumeti Reserves
+27 21 683 3424
official website


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