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Brooklyn-Style Pizza in Streeterville

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Your attention, please.

This is a general pizza advisory: Brooklyn pizza is now a thing. We repeat: Brooklyn pizza is now a thing.

Now soft-open for your inspection: Flour & Stone, a Streeterville pie-maker that wants to help you experience pizza the way the Streisands, the Spike Lees and the Jay-Zs have for eons.

Of course, the catch is you’ll never get a 100% agreement that there really is a specific Brooklyn-style pizza with its own terroir, like a Chicago or Naples pie. By the way, it’s perfectly acceptable to be disturbed to think you now live in a world where people talk of pizza having terroir.

So let us just say these are not the big, floppy, foldable, elephant-ear slices that you pick up from your favorite NYC corner joint. Instead, the hand-tossed dough is cooked in a slightly cooler oven and offers a nice chewy center with just a bit of crunch on the crust. You can deal with that.

Overall, it’s just a casual place. A bright and minimalist downstairs allows you to sit and watch your pie being made, though you can head upstairs and idle away a cold Tuesday evening being charmed by pizza topped with artisanal sausage, thick-cut bacon and anchovies.

Anchovies are the most charming of pizza fish.

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