Ay Chiwowa

¡Ay Caramba!

The New Dive Bar from Rockit Ranch

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There are three kinds of taco joints:

1. The good.
2. The bad.
3. The 5am.

Let’s see what happens if we combine a couple of them. (Let’s go with one and three.)

Ah, yes: Ay Chiwowa, a funky Mexican tequila-and-taco dive from the Rockit Ranch muchachos, now soft-open to breathe new life into the fabled Martini Ranch space.

Now, as you suspect, this is not so much dive as it is “dive.” There are the requisite adornments with graffiti art, a luchadores mural and wallpaper with Mexican-folk-art skulls. But there’s also a Tweeting/Facebooking/photo-taking jukebox at your disposal. Okay, so it’s a dive with the world’s best Klout score.

It’s a nice after-work spot for rubbing elbows with the gallery and design-district folks. Nothing spurs creative energy like easy access to 80 tequilas—or just one strawberry-jalapeño margarita.

But as midnight approaches, head toward the back, where DJs spin sing-along favorites. You’re going to want a table, too, because you’ll need somewhere to set your giant 64-ounce margarita.

And after a 64-ounce margarita, you also don’t want to get caught without some sustenance. You’ll find tortas, tostadas and tacos served until close, which will be 5am on Saturday.

Or as some call it, Sunday morning.


Ay Chiwowa
311 W Chicago Ave
(at N Franklin St)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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