Miami Martial Arts Academy

Kick Starter

Learning Martial Arts Like a CIA Agent

None Jason Bourne.

James Bond.


Today, you’re going to learn how to punch like all three of them.

Bow and face Miami Martial Arts Academy, a combat and self-defense school that’s run by a guy who used to train government agents, now open in Miami Beach.

The man behind this thing: Joseph Drabkin. You... have no idea who he is. Probably because most of his existence has been classified. See, for years he trained FBI and CIA agents in hand-to-hand combat. And now, he’s willing to show you a thing or two (yes, one of those things might be a choke hold).

This is the kind of workout you’d want to take up if you’re planning to go undercover behind enemy lines anytime soon. Or if you fell off the nacho wagon yesterday. Hard. Just call the studio (it’s got an ocean view... which, all right), book a class (private or group) and prepare to, well, do something significantly more lethal than Pilates.

Each session is about 50 minutes long. You’ll learn judo. You’ll learn jujitsu. You’ll learn how to break a double agent and get him to tell you where he hid the nuclear launch codes.

You know, practical stuff.


Miami Martial Arts Academy
6550 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33141

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