Newton’s Laws

A Picture Book with No Men in It

None A world without women: pretty much what you’ll see on Sunday. (Well, with the glorious exception of one Beyoncé.)

A world without men: glad you asked...

Hey, look: it’s World Without Men, a brand-new anthology of enlightening lady-pics from the late, great expert on the subject, Helmut Newton, available now from Taschen.

What you don’t have here: males. (Score one for truth in advertising.) What you do have: pages upon pristinely glossy pages of women inhabiting a photographic world created by the patron saint of women looking provocatively attractive. All the photos were taken in the mid-’60s through the early ’80s—prime Newton years.

A few highlights: there’s a lady running from a plane. There’s a woman walking through the desert dressed like Dr. Livingstone. Then you have some more women doing... stuff we can’t even really explain. But then you’ll notice Helmut’s notes on his vision at the time of shooting. And then... still have no idea why that woman is wrangling a horse.

It’s all perfect late-night discussion material. Invite some friends over. Gather around the coffee table. Point out the cover photo—the Bond girl look-alike standing next to a dancing black bear. Within minutes, you’ll all be spiritedly discussing life’s biggest questions.

Dancing bears have that effect on you.

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