Traps Game

Beating the Police at Their Own Game

UrbanDaddy - TrapsterWe don't want to put you in a bad mood or anything, but let's think back for a second to that last speeding ticket you received. There was a fine. Then there was insurance mayhem. Worst of all, you missed your hot stone massage. Bottom line: It hurt. A lot.

You can't have that anymore. Not in this climate. So, you better slow down.

Or you better download Trapster, the latest weapon in your ticket-avoiding arsenal.

A free app for your phone or GPS gadget, Trapster alerts you when Five-O is prowling a certain stretch of the road, thereby helping you stay one step ahead of a damaging citation. Essentially, it's a modern-day version of flashing your headlights to fellow motorists, and it works just as well for speed cameras and police checkpoints (not that you have anything to hide...).

Of course, the system is predicated on user involvement, so it wouldn't hurt for you to throw Trapster HQ a quick heads up whenever you see Johnny Law camped out on the side of the highway. Fortunately, all it takes is a quick click on your phone as you pass by.

Feel free to smile as you do so.

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