Muk Raking

Nicaragua’s Newest Beachside Golf Resort

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Nature is crazy. Think about it.

Tiny seeds become hundred-foot trees.

Humble streams turn into Grand Canyons.

And quiet little Nicaraguan beaches transform overnight into... this place.

Say hello to Mukul Resort & Spa, an inhabitable ode to oceanfront awesomeness that just sprouted up from the most luxurious depths of Nicaraguan soil, taking reservations now for February 1.

Okay, so maybe this wasn’t a beautiful freak accident of nature. Maybe it was actually conceived by Don Carlos Pellas—basically the Bill Gates of Nicaragua. (Hint: it was.) But honestly, you’d never know the difference.

Just look at those bungalows on that hillside. They’re all local teakwood and marble. Your bed: crafted from sugarcane twigs. The chandelier: yeah, that’s a mussel chandelier. (Sorry, no garlic butter. We checked.) And there’s a beachside golf course designed by the same guy who did the Castle Course at St Andrews.

So let’s discuss strategy. As mentioned, there are bungalows. And oceanfront villas. And everything comes standard with a private pool, a butler and those showers that feel like you’re standing under a little rain cloud. All good moves.

But the real power move: renting out Don Carlos’s personal 20,000-square-foot beach compound with 80-foot ceilings and a 16-person dinner table. Perfect for hosting your annual winter golf scramble.

Or having the loneliest TV dinner of all time.

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