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Gin and Tonics on Tap in Logan Square

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Some people take alcohol so seriously.

People like Billy Sunday, for instance. He was the turn-of-the-century firebrand preacher who whipped up popular support for Prohibition.

Also, people at Billy Sunday, a new tavern from the Trotter’s-trained chef behind Yusho, slated to open soon... pending their liquor license approval.

Oh, irony.

So yeah, the big joke here is that this place is the equivalent of naming a gay S&M bar “Pat Robertson.” When it comes to the menu, though, things turn, well... serious. There’s just no other word for a place that pours premixed gin and tonics from the tap—using its own housemade tonic water, no less—and has a jar of pickled pig knuckles at the end of the bar.

Obviously, this will be your new go-to when you’re jonesing for a lengthy conversation about kaffir lime tinctures or the finer points of that hard-to-find fernet they use in their cocktail The Victorian.

But overall, the vibe here is friendly neighborhood barroom of yore—a humble, Victorian-era mom-and-pop place with high ceilings and black-and-white family photos on the wall. It’s a place where you can still get a Schlitz at the bar, while a bartender sets a plate for you to snack on some vinegar pig ears with cornichon aioli or a heaping bowl of banana pudding.

They take their banana pudding seriously, too.


Billy Sunday
3143 W Logan Blvd
(at N Milwaukee Ave)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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