Miracle Miles

A Genius Piece of Metal That Makes You Run

None It sees you when you’re sleeping.

It knows when you’re awake.

It knows when you’ve been bad or good.

So go on a jog before it figures out that you’re just sitting there watching Homeland episodes instead of maintaining an active lifestyle.

For... goodness’ sake.

Meet Shine, a wireless, highly intelligent piece of metal that attaches to anything you’re wearing and takes note of every... single... move you make, available for preorder now.

To understand what this thing looks like, stack two quarters together. There. That’s what it looks like. Just a tiny piece of aircraft-grade aluminum that clings to your clothes and tracks every physical thing you do on any given day.

It’s kind of pedometer-y. Kind of. You see, this one’s pretty genius (one of the creators is a former Apple CEO). And it does more than just count steps. You can swim, bike, do yoga, just sit there eating shepherd’s pie. It’ll track all that stuff. Just download the corresponding app, set a goal and place the device on your phone’s screen. The data automatically syncs via wi-fi.

Then just clip it to your sock or wherever and... do things. If you want to check your progress, tap the tracker and a dotted circle will light up and show you how you’re doing.

You get one dot just for being alive. So congratulations if you get one dot.

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