It Might Get Loud

A Bike Horn That Blasts Like a Car Horn

None Bicycle horns haven’t really changed over the years.

They’re usually small, make enough noise to startle a squirrel and are ultimately useless (we still love the classic squeeze-horn, though).

What you need: someone to figure out how to strap a car horn to your handlebars.

Well, look at that...

Change mental gears for Loud Bicycle, a Boston-based Kickstarter campaign here to up your bike’s loudness quotient, taking preorders now for August.

This is basically what you’d get if you took the honker from your car and connected it to your bicycle. It’s the size of a soda can and easily bolts to the frame of your ride, making it difficult to steal. But its rechargeable-battery-powered horn is as loud (112 decibels) as the typical car horn, and it can emit one or both of its tones for up to 30 seconds (plenty of time to alert the casual passerby... or inconsiderate driver on Tremont).

Just don’t be surprised when using it if a driver looks around for another car. Because it sounds identical to a compact car’s wailing notes.

Next up: handlebar air bags.

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